Scientifically Approved

“Spirituality is based on energetics. If you can balance the two, you can increase the energy field of the body.”

DoctorTrue You™ Mist is a magically charged ionic mist of minerals, essential oils, and hydrating factors that are atomized into a moisturizing mist. Its ingredients have been used since ancient times and lock nourishing moisture onto skin cells, assist anti-aging, repair elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and act as an emulsifier and skin smoother. These attributes alone make True You™ Mist the most beneficial and beautiful mist on the market.

What makes True You™ Mist exceptional and unique in ways it can never be duplicated is its formula of infused energetics for cleansing, purifying and rebalancing. A proprietary mixture of Lavender, Sage, and Frankincense creates a unique synergy for soothing and balancing the skin under stress, and energetically can enhance and strengthen ones energy aura. Lavender and Sage are known for their uses through history as a cleansing essential oil.

The final ingredients are the addition of ancient sounds, symbols, numerology and divine, sacred energy from Vanda that are infused via physics.
True You™ Mist is the first product to ever embody the science of Spirituality and Physics coming together…creating something sacred and divinely magical!

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