Kids Mist

Calms * Focuses * Relaxes

True You Mist Energy CleanserTrue You™ Mist is simply wonderful for kids! It makes them feel better and calmer.

The infusion of sacred energy clears negative and loaded energy that interferes with your child’s well-being. The Mist supports intuitive and sensitive children with clarity and focus. It soothes with soft hints of sage and lavender, without leaving a lingering scent.

It releases what they have absorbed from their environment, and from other children and adults around them who are carrying negative energy.

Scientifically enhanced and activated to support our children, and formulated with the highest quality, all-natural ingredients.

Help Your Child to Feel Like Themself Again!

     Brian’s Story:

So I got to the doctor appointment a few minutes after it started.  When I walked into the dr’s office I could tell that Jake was uncomfortable.  In addition to the dr, there were two (I’m guessing med students, they were never introduced to me) others watching/listening to the conversation that the Dr was trying to have with Jake.  About 5 minutes after I got there, and after watching him struggle to answer some of the questions being asked, Jake asked if I would take him to the bathroom.  As soon as we got into the bathroom he admitted that he didn’t really need to go to the bathroom, he actually wanted to cry.  My poor little man was so scared that he pretended to have to go to the bathroom so he could show his emotions.  Thankfully for Jake, the Dr wanted to talk to my wife about Jake’s med history and whatnot, while I was able to hang with Jake.  When everything was all said and done, he was riding home with me and I could tell that his emotions were still not settled.  I knew he was still scared and upset about what had happened.  He seemed so out of sorts that I was thinking he was going to start crying again. So I figured why not try the mist on him.  I knew that I needed to mist, so I showed Jake the mist and told him that I wanted to mist him as well.  At first he didn’t know what to think.  He actually looked a bit nervous, but after a few mistings, he started to calm down. He asked me what the spray was, and I told him it was a way to calm down and find something happy to think about.  He thought about it, asked for another spray, and started to smile.  He then asked to see the bottle and read the label and asked to mist himself again.  Of course I said yes, I mean by this point the car was full of mist and good feelings, how could I say no. Within the 5-10 minutes after leaving the office with Jakob obviously upset, scared, and frustrated, Jake was smiling and joking around with me.  Later on in the evening, Hannah was giving him some attitude and he looked at me and said, “I think Hannah needs some mist.”  The power of the positive energy within each spray of mist brought my son back to himself and helped him let go of his fear and anxiety.  Truly powerful and truly beautiful.  Thank you for sharing the mist with me!