For Travel

Travel is often fraught with stress, negative energy and frustrations.

Why absorb all of this, when you can just mist it away?!

True You MistTrue You Mist is perfect for travel! As an energy cleanser, it clears the effects of jetlag and others’ fears, frustrations and negative energy.

It creates sacred space around you, free from negative and stagnant energy. It purifies and protects your physical body, while assisting the skin to hydrate and release free radicals for cell rejuvenation. It feels amazing on your skin!

Its fragrance calms and soothes both women and men, without leaving a lingering scent.

It empowers, awakens, and rebalances you, so you can enjoy every aspect of your trip!

Feel Like Yourself Again!


The Traveler True You Mist Energy CleanserBoth the 2 ounce bottle and 1 ounce Traveler are approved for airport security and fit easily into purses, pockets, laptop bags and luggage!

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