Letter From Vanda

The Story of True You™ Mist

True You MistI can still hear that same whisper inside of me to DO It, Create the Mist. I remember clearly Michael, my Cosmetic Scientist, on the phone saying, “We have a skin care range, a line of power serums ready to go…let’s go!” But I knew to my deepest core what I had to do first and get it done.

So we did, we did it after years and years of work and not giving up. For those that know my tools I have SOULVA™, a sacred smudge stick on steroids, oh it clears and protects and moves some energy  for sure. Well it goes through a scared process and an extensive clearing ritual which, of course, is time consuming and expensive, which  people didn’t want to commit to anymore. So I got tested to cut the price, cut corners, and bring out a lesser quality product …what  for? The market is saturated with that, so I didn’t. And the attention grew to creating an energy cleansing mist that had Soulva, and was convenient to use to create sacred space.

What’s sacred space?
A healthy space where thoughts are clear and positive, not a space bombarding you with negative noise and thoughts from yourself or others. As sound travels so do thoughts. How many negative thoughts do you have on an hourly basis? What about the people that you are with?

I am not even going into other energy. True You™ Mist clears that, formulated and infused to rebalance your energy field, just like a windshield wiper clearing away the dust, the fog, the stuff that keeps you away from your own vitality. If you are not feeling like yourself, trust that, it is because you are not. The mist solves that, it works, it is gorgeous and my children aged 3 and 5 won’t go without it…how smart they are!

“Feel like yourself again” is the tag line simply because it does just that. Once you use it and know why….there is no day that will go or pass by again without you having the choice to bounce back, recover, or choose again to feel better and interrupt what doesn’t feel good!

See the video, we have done it: we have brought science and spirituality together just like we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. It is time. Clear up your space, people’s dreams get lost in whirlpools of negativity and stagnant energy leaving them wiped out to take care of themselves first.

By the way, the True You story ends and begins with the Soulva™ Sticks coming back to me in full force and ready to go again, once I had launched True You™ Mist. Funny how God sometimes continues to write in crooked letters.

To you being your true self,


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