True You Mist

True You™ Soulva™ Mist is an energy cleanser that clears the space around you, creating sacred space. It is formulated to re-balance, awaken, and empower your senses, which is why you feel immediate release. It clears the negative build up in your energy field, which comes from time on the computer, on the phone, over-stimulation, and chaotic environments. It mists away the feeling of stress along with the negative energy and negative thought forms from people around you, so you feel like yourself again!

True You™ Soulva™ Mist is the first mist product to infuse a formula with powerful energetics that immediately changes the way you feel. It is infused with sacred energy and ancient chemistry that gets you back to your true self, your true balance. It is a true balance of formula, and how it has been brought together. Its all natural ingredients have been purposefully selected. True You empowers you as you move through your daily experiences. It’s a tool that empowers you to take back your power. It is the perfect companion throughout your whole day, as it reminds you that you can feel like yourself again with a simple mist.

It embodies the science of Spirituality + Physics coming together, to create something sacred and divinely magical.

Spirituality is based on energetics. If you can balance the two, you can increase the energy field of the body. ~Cosmetic Scientist Michael Warshaw

True You is more than just a mist, as it rehydrates and rejuvenates your cells. You feel immediate release. But the true magic is that it helps you AWAKEN YOUR POWER.



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Vanda Shares How to Use True You Mist: