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Vanda Teixeira


Founder & CEO. Reconnecting you to your soul. Aligning you with your True Purpose. Awakening your True Power. So you can create the life your soul desires for you.

Vanda specializes in Soul WorQ; she possesses a unique gift of being able to see people’s soul blueprints. A divine energy healer, light worker, spiritual activist, and champion for the cause of TRUE empowerment, she assists those she touches to connect with their True Selves. She helps people move the energy and release the fears, societal pressures, and unsupportive beliefs and thoughts that block them. Additionally, she is an award-winning businesswoman, entrepreneur, designer, financial industry executive, and couturier, embodying a rare mix of talents and roles.

Her insightful methodology of personal empowerment was created to accelerate the rise from all that blocks one’s light into their greatness. She helps you awaken and align with all that will empower you.

Vanda is a game-changer in every space and in every career she has pursued. She breaks all the rules, not in an irreverent way, in a light way that guides people to the truth about the actions they take that then take them off their True Path. She inspires people in a way no one else can because she is able to talk directly to your soul through her writings and her teachings. It’s undeniable.

From South Africa and of Portuguese descent, Vanda was born with these gifts, yet chose to set them aside while becoming a couturier, designer, financial executive and entrepreneur, winning top awards in every career she pursued. It was with the birth of her son that she gave new life to her spiritual gifts and began sharing them freely with the world. She is now Atlanta-based, making her home there with her husband, son and daughter.

Her mission and life’s worQ is to accelerate the progress and understanding of self in order to lift humankind into a capacity for greater spiritual awareness, and to assist the rise of a higher consciousness on the planet in order to lessen the chaos. To fulfill this mission she has created Vanda Incorporated along with two global platforms with the highest purpose: To Be A Woman™ and Blue Earth™. It is her methodology called The WorQ™ that empowers individuals to awaken their True Self, connect with their soul and rise to their highest level of consciousness, and her creations called Tools for Your Soul™ which support and assist individuals on their journey. Anchoring everything is a global philanthropic arm known as The Magic Ribbon™ which supports individual empowerment…because empowerment makes all the difference.

When you live your life guided by Vanda’s teachings, which embody sacred ancient wisdom for today’s world, you live on purpose, divinely balanced, connected to your soul, healing your life and the world around you, fully aware of what you are contributing not only to your most intimate relationships but to the world at large. THIS is the new way of life. THIS is the higher way.